Fellowships: “Religion and Urbanity” Research Fellowships 2024/25 (3–6 months)

Institute: Kolleg-Forschungsgruppe “Religion and Urbanity: Reciprocal Formation” (DFG, FOR 2779) (Max-Weber-Kolleg, Universität Erfurt)

Period: 01.10.2024 – 30.09.2025

Deadline: 01.10.2023

The Centre for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences/Kolleg-Forschungsgruppe “Religion and Urbanity: Reciprocal Formations“ (FOR 2779) currently invites applications for Research Fellowships (3–6 months) in the period of 01.10.2024 to 30.09.2025. Fellowships are awarded to scholars working in the humanities, especially in the fields of History, History of Religion or in the fields of Sociology/Urban Studies with a focus on developments in the pre-modern era especially.

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Tagung: Urbanität – Geschichte, Konzept, Anwendungen

The subjective character of urbanity invites to differentiate actors: urban experiences are shaped by the identity of individuals and groups, their ethnic, social and religious background, their dreams, agendas and values. Our main interest lies in grasping and analysing the essential contribution of religion to this complex and intertwined formation of urbanity (and vice versa). In other words, our perspective on urbanity and the urban is structured by the prism of the religious./16.-18.11.2022, Schloss Ettersburg/Weimar

„Tagung: Urbanität – Geschichte, Konzept, Anwendungen“ weiterlesen
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